Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's My Heart You've Got

My by Okay on Grooveshark
"My" by Okay, Huggable Dust (2008)

It is 4 am, the time where the morning begins. Early birds crack their eyes open, while some remain snoozing. 4 AM is also the moment when you realize that if you're still awake, you might be pulling an all-nighter.

So there you sit, on a ratty sofa-bed. You've been watching an orange cat scamper in and out of the light from your bedside lamp, toppling things over in the kitchen. You haven't risen to upright whatever fell. You've been too busy making roses bloom from spinning ceiling fans.

You hope no one hears your mewling, your dreadful sniffs and nose-blowing. You hope they think you've got a cold. You hide your phone, in hopes to keep yourself from checking it. The light outside the window grows from black to blue, like the sky is a healing bruise.

In two more hours, you will get dressed, go back to your business, forget this night that felt like a lifetime. But the next time you are back on the sofa-bed, picking threads from your pillowcase and wiping your eyes, you will remember it all. You will remember everything.